Teacher Continuous Professional Development in Tanzania: Lessons Learnt

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Teacher Continuous Professional Development in Tanzania: Lessons Learnt
This report shares the experience and learning from the activities carried out as part of the Government of Tanzania's efforts to operationalise its National Framework for Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD), which shifts TCPD from discreet workshops to cost-effective, ongoing, school-based professional development. It is among the first of its kind at a national level, particularly in low- and middle-income country contexts. Through a collaborative and responsive approach of adaptive technical assistance and innovation, the EdTech Hub team supported Government of Tanzania partners in developing and implementing a technology-enhanced, school-based, national TCPD system. This report begins with an overview of the activities implemented and then consolidates reflection through nine lessons learnt that could help inform current and future thinking on the design, delivery, and funding of TCPD programming in Tanzania. The TCPD reflected in this report is specific to Tanzania's teaching and learning environment. While we recognise that environments can vary widely, even between countries with similar goals and objectives, the report also seeks to contribute to any current and future analyses that collate features of effective TCPD from around the world. Keywords: teacher professional development; teacher training; technology; learning management system; communities of learning; teacher needs assessment; An output of the EdTech Hub, https://edtechhub.org
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DOI: 10.53832/edtechhub.0157 ZenodoArchiveID: 7677950 ZenodoArchiveConcept: 7677949
Chachage, K., & Thakrar, J. (2023). Teacher Continuous Professional Development in Tanzania: Lessons Learnt. EdTech Hub. https://doi.org/10.53832/edtechhub.0157
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