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Designing the Education Workforce

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Designing the Education Workforce
There is rising evidence that traditional ways of teaching are failing to provide adequate learning opportunities and breadth of skills for the 21st century, likely to leave millions of children and young adults behind. The challenge of meeting the demands of each student with vastly different backgrounds and abilities within today’s models of education has limited the capacity of teachers and education systems to provide the personalized learning that students need. A new approach is required. The Education Commission is partnering with select countries, higher education institutions, schools and tech thought leaders to test the applicability and adaptability of “High-Touch High-Tech (HTHT)” learning in diverse contexts. The first pilot - currently in Vietnam - will incrementally expand to other select countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. HTHT learning is an opportunity for new collaborators to become part of a transformative effort to personalize learning for enhanced learner success through the application of Artificial Intelligence. Based on the report, “Transforming the Education Workforce: Learning Teams for a Learning Generation” that the Education Workforce Initiative (EWI) released during 2019 UN General Assembly, we propose new approaches for harnessing the potential of teachers and the broader education workforce to ensure HTHT learning and, more broadly, quality education for all students.
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ID 3588221
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Rochester, NY
Social Science Research Network
23/03/2021, 11:17
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Lee, J.-H., Steer, L., Jimenez, E., King, E. M., & Erikson, E. (2020). Designing the Education Workforce (SSRN Scholarly Paper ID 3588221). Social Science Research Network.